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#1 2013-09-22 9:32am

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1999 Redline Mono Cog 26

1999 Redline Mono Cog 26

Late 90's Cruiser

I got this bike late in '99. It came in to the shop and we all decided to
Keep them instead of selling them!  We were the first bike shop to receive
Them and mine is serial number 003!  It is an 18 inch frame and the others
Were too small so I ended up with it.  I put a rockshox on it and raced it in
Single speed class.  I retired it and put some Panaracer tires on it and some
'90s Haro cruiser bars on it.  A great all around ride!

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#2 2015-11-14 1:25pm

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Re: 1999 Redline Mono Cog 26

I am trying to find out the year my monocog was made, my serial #is S2PC0177. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

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#3 2016-01-12 9:08am

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Re: 1999 Redline Mono Cog 26

That's cool to see an early MonoCog ! cool

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