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#1 2013-09-16 11:46pm

AdminTuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez
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1983 Vector Mark 2

1983 Vector Mark 2

It's an NOS Vector frame and fork

Wheeling and dealing I got this one from
vintage chromolyEnded up selling this gem to take the Ex on vacation. What a mistake that was.
Joe ended up with this one if my memory serves me. I was on my way to Nashville and my box was too big and had to pay out the ass for shipping. LOL.
That should have been a sign.

One thing that I have seen over and over on the BMXmuseum is members willing to tarnish the reputation of another member by leaving nasty feedback before trying to resolve a problem like a reasonable human being.

In my 6 plus years as a staff member , this pisses me off almost as much as a scammer.



#2 2013-09-17 3:53pm

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Re: 1983 Vector Mark 2

Im diggin it.....I have never seen nor heard of one until I joined this forum.



#3 2015-02-07 11:18am

Cru Jumper Jones
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Re: 1983 Vector Mark 2

Very RAD! cool

I just bought a white NOS '84. It has the same warranty card in your pic on the left, but doesn't have the one saying "NEW!" I tried clicking yours to add to my Favorite's list, but it doesn't seem to be working. Johnnny is trying to help me with it now.



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