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Guidelines & Rules of This Section

#1 2013-08-12 3:23pm

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Guidelines & Rules of This Section


- Let's keep the Title of the Posts consistant

- Add a reply to a Post if you have more Information to add, or a correction to the original Post

- If you are the original Poster, & someone has corrected your information, feel free to Edit your original Post to reflect the Corrected Info

- If you want to add a Post, please do a quick review to make sure there isn't already one Posted for your Piece. If you find one already exists & you have additional Info, please add a reply to that first one. We don't want double Posts & any Duplicates will be Deleted.


- Don't add a reply if you are not adding Value to the Post. We would like this Section to be a quick Reference point for good Data, not a bunch of replies that say:
"These always broke and were Junk" ..or.. "Do you want to Sell that?" .. or .. "The Prices on these are too high Today".

These Types of Replies will be Deleted

- Don't get upset if a Moderator Modifies your Post. Feel free to PM/email a Mod/Admin if you have any Q's about a Modification to a Post
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