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#1 2008-04-23 1:08pm

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2005 Supercross Devo Pro XXL

2005 Supercross Devo Pro XXL

2005 Standard Devo !!

This is a sick bike , seriously incredible geometry , anyhow its a 21.5 TT , Profile Cranks ,Atom Lab stem and clamp , shimano brakes , unknown bars BUT they fit the bike perfect ... Thompson post sun ryno hoops mounted to THE BEST HUBS EVER !!! NUKE PROOF CARBON FIBER HUBS ....SPIN FOR EVER , the bike is sick and really manuals sweeeet ... here she is one of my daily riders ,,,

WANTED :   FRED Z Chrome 24" Bars,, DK 1st Gen Clamp,Cyclecraft 24" Frame & forks ,




#2 2008-06-12 8:36pm

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Re: 2005 Supercross Devo Pro XXL

Sweet bike!! cool How much did you pay for those hubs? PM me.

big_smile  lol cool roll tongue neutral smile mad wink sad yikes



#3 2008-08-24 9:20am

Ralph Wiggum
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Re: 2005 Supercross Devo Pro XXL

Why is this thing listed as a Standard in the museum? hmm
I'm pretty sure that the unknown bars are Mosh Race bars from the late nineties. I remember my briend's Mosh Pro having bars nearly identical to those.

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#4 2009-01-05 6:00pm

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Re: 2005 Supercross Devo Pro XXL

Sweet bike!!!!! cool How much does it weigh??? hmm

cool Upgrade your bike until it's exactly how you want it then go on to the next bike cool



#5 2012-12-22 2:23pm

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Re: 2005 Supercross Devo Pro XXL

Sweet cool

I Love bmxmuseum!



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