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2004 Dragonfly Motion V1

2004 Dragonfly Motion V1

Dragonfly Motion designed by Ryoji  "Yanmar" Yamamoto

Dragonfly Motion flatland frame first version designed by japanese flatlander Yanmar, with Primo Euro BB, and Dragonfly gemini upper gyro cable. Dragonfly M.S. pegs in gold.
Yanmar won the Circle of Balance 2004 with this frame, first in the museum site.
* Pic of Japanese Freedom BMX magazine 2004 from my magazine collection - Yanmar with Motion specs.

Thanks for looking.

(My collection page in my museum is nothing for sale, don’t ask)

"My collections are for life and my future sons, I´m a great buyer...sell? I don´t know what is it, sorry. My ton of mag, midias and misc and my stuffs are pieces of myforlife.
I do not follow anyone, I have my own goals"
The inspirations to keep me riding now is only and 100 percent for sure, any thing OLD/MID schools...sick. I m already a bit tired things super modern, sincerely.--



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