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1996 GT Interceptor

#1 2013-08-26 12:49pm

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1996 GT Interceptor

1996 GT Interceptor

Rare Red Color

I had this bike when I was a kid brand new in 1996. Not even a month later the bike had been stolen. I was crushed! One day when looking on Craigslist I found the Frame I had, and knew I had to have it back! With help from members on the Museum, Ebay, and Liberty Bell Bikes in Pa. I have it back after 17 years and am very happy to add it into my collection!

Gt Interceptor FrameGt Race stem Gt non stamped Racing barsGt Racing ForksGt Mo Hawk HubsGt Racing Bottom BracketWeinmann  HoopsShimano Dx Brake and LeverTioga Bear Trap HeadsetGt Racing CranksGt SprocketGt PedalsGt New School TiresAme GripsGt Laid Back Seat PostGt Seat ClampGt Speed Series Seat

Wanted !!
84 Pro Performer Forks, Stem, Brakes, Seat,



#2 2014-08-22 11:28am

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Re: 1996 GT Interceptor

I would love to buy this bike from you. I have a similar story. My dad bought this for me for Christmas in '95 I think. I had it for a year or two before someone stole it from my yard. Not to be overly emotional but my good friend was in a serious accident on a different GT while I was riding this one, and my dad passed last year. For some reason, Im nostalgic about the bike. I understand you probably don't want to sell it. But if you're open to it, maybe we could dicuss it. P.S. It looks almost exactly the same as mine but I recall mine having brown around the rim part of the tires.



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