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#1 2013-08-08 11:18am

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1981 Schwinn Phantom Scrambler

1981 Schwinn Phantom Scrambler

This bike was callin' my name...

I love how this bike came into my possession!
I had been able to pass along a couple of 80's era 12 speeds to a young man, who was wildly excited about his purchase.
This in turn gave me some money to indulge in some buying of my own. I saw this on CL and sprang! I called the guy, and we talked schwinn for a few minutes and the deal was locked-but wait....I'm taking my kids camping for a few days-can you wait till i get back?---No Problem, Brother!--SWEET! I literally had the most vivid dreams about this bike in the mountains! Back home, when we met, we got to talk bikes alot more, he showed me his 90's jumper that he's keeping, his dads old bike, and the now defunct riding trails behind his his current auto and motorcycle projects.
So we made the deal and he has cash to pursue his rehabs, another brother got his sweet 12 speeds, and I get this beauty-in great shape and fully loaded w/ dia-compe brakes, skyway mags, and the OG padset. Everyone is happy, because of bikes!



#2 2013-08-14 6:05pm

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Re: 1981 Schwinn Phantom Scrambler

NICE RIDE! I think i had one exactly the same when i was a kid! FAV:D

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