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1983 Diamond Back Silver Streak

#1 2013-08-03 7:40pm

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1983 Diamond Back Silver Streak

1983 Diamond Back Silver Streak

***SOLD***. I was given an offer I couldn't refuse.

I pickup this bike a little over a year ago and finally got around to submitting it.  The only parts that are replacements were the tires, seat post, rear brake pads, and possibly the front brake.  Everything else was original and that's how I kept it.  I did two write ups on the clean-up and the score, which are linked below.  The restoration post has a lot of pictures of the bike and parts.  It also goes through the my entire cleaning process.  The score post just tells the fun little story on how I got it along with a Mongoose.

Thanks for looking.  All comments are welcomed. 

Here is the story behind the cleanup:

Here is the story about the score:

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