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1991 GHP Pro

#1 2013-07-04 8:43am

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1991 GHP Pro

1991 GHP Pro

1992 GHP Pro made by ELF

Here is my newest completed build:
Frame/Fork    1992-ish Elf made GHP Pro 21.5" TT
Bars                  Unknown 'Star Bar' looking
Headset             Tioga Bear Trap
Stem                 Crupi Pro XL
Grips                 Jive Handles with Jive Nuts
Cranks              180 Boss
Sprocket            Pro Neck 44T
Pedals               GT Elite
Chain                Izumi
Post                  GT circle stamped
Clamp               Tuf/Pro Neck double clamp
Seat                  Odyssey Cobra
Brake                Dia Compe Big Dog
Lever                Dia Compe MX-99
Wheels                  Chrome Araya 7X, Crupi hubs with titanium axles, new nipples,
                              stainless spokes and Suntour freewheel
Frame savers    Crupi
Tires                 Tioga Rainbow labels, fat/skinny
Padset              Repop GHP(made with Greg's permission)

When buying from me, I submit feedback once I receive feedback from you. That way, I know you are happy with your purchase.

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#2 2013-07-05 1:02am

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Re: 1991 GHP Pro

Sweet GHP!!!

Check out my 1983 VDC-built Trident, 1983 Kuwi Laserlite, 2010 GT Ultrabox 2, 2011 Crupi race rig and prototype Quamen, plus the all things Crupi & old school scene in Japan threads. Always interested in buying used, mid-school race plates.



#3 2018-02-08 8:34pm

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Re: 1991 GHP Pro

great combination of parts

ya'll wanna see a dead body?



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