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1993 ELF 24

#1 2013-06-20 9:08am

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1993 ELF 24

1993 ELF 24

chippy's MIX BAG rider

I picked up this frameset and wheel set locally. The F&F had issues, but with a little backrub from the old man, shes rollin' and bad as ever! The fork was toast-welded at the tube/fork intersection, done nice & straight but now too short for a headset to thread on....the frame's seatmast was cut, but neatly....and had a post wedged in. Other wise, in really good shape, even the dropouts!
I found a set of replacement set of forks on the museum. Then I raided my stash for some favorite parts saved up for just the right project (bars, stem, chainwheel)...had some nos goodies that had to get used (seat, pedals)...old school Oddyssey brakes and ODI longnecks w/ donuts for that sweet 80's feel up front...the wheels--what can you say?.... polish and bolt on!  I found a new school post at the LBS, and a svelte seatpost clamp covers up the cut mast and holds things in place suprisingly well.
In my eye, these parts are perfect together-all very cool and takes a little bit from 4 decades of bike design! The bike rides PERFECT-very light and responsive! The best part is I can take a guilt free pinch from this mix bag every day!!!



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