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#1 2006-02-22 6:05pm

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1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

1979 stamped Bassett 26" cruiser frame and forks.

Was mine until I sold it to Shannon Gillette (aka: thumperpilot) recently. He is in the process of turning it into a racer.. should be a top quality build based on what I've seen him do with his other projects.



#2 2006-09-21 5:37pm

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Re: 1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

This is the ONLY Bassett I've seen on the whole freakin internet ! I have  a 1981 24"

Bassett bmx cruiser , it has the same type of name  / number plate , as the one you have

pictured . Do you have any direction to point me in so I can find out more about it ?




#3 2006-12-18 6:42pm

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Re: 1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

did they make a 20 with this frame design? my very first bike looked just like this in a 20 inch. it was a hand-me-down from my cousin. all i remember was that it weighed at least 100 pounds.

U S A R / 74 D / R E C O N  P S G



#4 2007-02-23 9:01pm

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Re: 1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26


Here is my 1981 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser that I have I just got it from my Dad and it was in storage, I have completley check out the bike and checked the bearing, tightened the spokes, checked the tires and I installed the 3-speed shifter (this came on the side with the bike when my dad got it, and was never used, but I installed it, and the bike rides beautifully.
Picture of the Bassett Racing Star Cruiser
Stamped Bassett Racing
Serial No. 1556
Built Year 1981
SunTour Vx 3 Piece Cranks with Sealed Bearings
Araya Front Rim 26" X 1.75"
Araya Rear Rim 26" X 1.75" (not installed but have on side)
Ukai 26" X 1.75 H/E Rear Rim w/Shimano 3 Speed Shifter(installed)
SunTour Stem
Surefoot II Pedals
Tange Seat Post Clamp
Mitsuboshi Silver Star Tires (Yes Original with 90% tread)
Cal Cruiser Seat

Give me some feedback on what you guys think!

Also, Any ideas on it's value?

Thanks!! - Steve



#5 2007-10-27 12:27am

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Re: 1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

Interested in selling I am looking for a bassett if you dont want sell find out my have one fixer upper OK with me Frame and Fork



#6 2011-02-06 7:43pm

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Re: 1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

Sweet bassett:)

It is what it is



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