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#1 2013-06-18 10:28pm

Pro MemberDave's Old Porn
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1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

Piece mealed

I was fortunate enough to come across this frame about 2 years ago. I was even more fortunate to come across the fork a month later. Then a few months later the bars fell into my hands and just recently I found the stem.  I'm very happy with this one. I have to say IMHO Profiles have to be one of the most beautiful bikes built BITD and I'm proud to own this one. There are a few more Profile pieces I'd like to aquire, but as I've learned building this one, good things come to those who wait.




#2 2013-06-19 2:36am

Pro Member
From: Sydney, Australia
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Re: 1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

Love the yellow,wish I had A stem for mine.
Very nice collection you got  going on there. wink

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#3 2013-06-19 2:58am

Norco Lou
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Re: 1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

I love this bike so much



#4 2013-06-19 6:52am

Pro Member"IT'S CASUAL"
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Re: 1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

Nice build!

  Cool how you waited and the main parts found their way to you, especially the stem.  That stem is awesome, well the whole bike is awesome.  Hopefully one day I will acquire a Profile Champ Pro as I have all Freestyle bikes and no race bikes. 
   I hope that saying is true.

   Sic bike, congrats!

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#5 2013-06-19 10:12am

Hutch Forever
Old Guy With a Hutch
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Re: 1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

nice build Dave the bike is sweet !!

                        JUST SOME OLD GUY WITH HUTCH STUFF...     

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#6 2013-06-20 1:09pm

Museum Newbie
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Re: 1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

That bike is killer!!



#7 2013-06-21 5:03pm

Pro MemberOld freestyle dad/Ted's biggest fan
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Re: 1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

and your good buddy let you have his NOS gold chainring, thats ok thanks for mentioning me tonguetongue

freakin sweet bike IMHO lollol

don't put front brakes on a race bike, it looks dumb.

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#8 2014-02-16 6:40pm

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Re: 1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

U said it. Good things come to people that wait. I would absolutely love to wait for a bike of this caliber.



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