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2005 KGB Psychopower

#1 2013-06-13 12:01pm

K Chez
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2005 KGB Psychopower

2005 KGB Psychopower

1st Gen. Psychopower - my "On the Cheap" build

This frame magically appeared in the for sale section-not everyday these turn up, I haven't ever come across the 1st gen versions anywhere. The newer Superpower frames were plagued with breakage problems brought on by the light weight craze and there aren't many survivors left and these are even harder to come by. Did the whole build with left over parts and a couple of to-good-to-pass-up deals, the only part that was bought new was the chain.
**Updated 10/4/13**
While I was diggin' the look of this bike with the black wheels, they were going to the Downtown, so I hooked up these Alienation Runaways with KHE Geisha  and Geisha Lites freecoaster. Killer hub!
**Updated 12/28/14**
Did a rebuild of this bike over the holidays - swapped out the wheels and entire front end (bars/stem/forks). Went with a look not any of my other bikes have.
Frame: 2005 KGB Psychopower (orig paint & decals)
Fork: KGB Space 2
Bars: Odyssey Chase No BS (1" griptubes!)
Stem: Madera Mast
Grips: Primo Nate Hansen
Headset: Odyssey
Brake Levers: Odyssey Monolever (front) M2 (rear)
Brakes: Rear/Odyssey Evolver (1st Gen.) Front/DiaTech Hombre
Front Wheel: KHE 36H laced to a KHE Sealed hub, Brass nipples, Black 14G spokes
Rear Wheel:  KHE 32H laced to a Nankai Techno-Lite freecoaster 12T, Brass nipples, Black 14G spokes
Tires: KHE Mack, 1.5
Pegs: Tree Big Balsa
Tubes: generic
Air: Nothing under 100 lbs is acceptable!
Cranks: St. Martin Eco-Flat 145mm
Pedals: Wellgo generic
Chainwheel: St. Martin 20T
Chain: Xposure Halflink
Seat: Odyssey Senior pivotal
Seat Post: Shadow Conspiracy pivotal
Seat Clamp: DK Double bolt
Weight: 23.5 lbs

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