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#1 2013-05-28 2:08am

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1978 Hank & Frank Force 1

1978 Hank & Frank Force 1

Rare Nickel plated Racer from 1978

Rare Race frame from Oakland California's main BMX bike shop from the 80's. Nickel Plated Hank & Frank "Force One"
A very light weight and nimble race frame. Looking for Speedo forks, and all late 70's parts to build this one.

Bmx was pure fun BITD, I think nowadays, some folks have forgotten what its really all about. And what it truly is.........



#2 2017-08-13 7:33pm

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Re: 1978 Hank & Frank Force 1

Hi I'm a newbie to this site and was looking at photos of Force 1 bikes like I had when I was a kid when I saw this frame.  I'm 99% sure that's my old bike.  I had the same exact decals in the same places and I'm from the SF Bay Area.  Could be a coincidence but it sure looks like it.  Anyway I thought I'd mention it in case you wanted to talk about the history of that frame.



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