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#1 2013-05-14 6:00pm

SC Cruiser
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1964 Schwinn Heavy Duty 26

1964 Schwinn Heavy Duty 26

1964 Schwinn Klunker
Heavy-duty Wasp

This bike has seen many incarnations. Fire road Bomber/BMX currently. Bought used in 1977 for $30 bucks from Aviation Cyclery



#2 2013-05-14 9:09pm

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Re: 1964 Schwinn Heavy Duty 26

Awesome bike and story. Nice to get it back I bet. Stolen from me was a Schwinn Sx-100 scrambler, I miss that bike, also delivered papers to buy it. I need to get an old Schwinn 26" frame and build a bike like yours. I have that exact same acs stem in my garage, maybe it's a start to another build lol

Needs: 79 or 80 nos/mint Chestnut brown SX-100 or SX-500 Scrambler frame - Single Gusset, smooth brazing, made in Chi-town not Taiwan.



#3 2013-05-15 9:24pm

Pro MemberDartman
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Re: 1964 Schwinn Heavy Duty 26

Great bike and an awesome story.  Happy it came back to you.

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#4 2013-05-16 4:45pm

Cruiser Bruiser
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Re: 1964 Schwinn Heavy Duty 26

I couldn't imagine that feeling the moment you realized it was your old bike. Awesome story! I might etch an I.D. mark on my Schwinn cruiser if it wasn't chrome plated. new fav. Thanks

WTB: Black Dia-comp Tech 3 front/left lever in lightly worn rider condition. Fug you Pay me!



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