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#1 2013-04-25 6:35pm

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1980 Race Inc. RA-7

1980 Race Inc. RA-7

Blue Bird

Purchased the frame on the museum with no finish left on her.  I matched her up with a nice pair of centerlines and we were off to the races and the powdercoater.

Looking for: FMF FORKS!!!!!! FMF FORKS!!! FMF FORKS!!! Rampar aluminum BMX Frame (looks like Race Inc. Jr), Race Inc. forks, Cycle Pro Foiler's, Spoiler's, Laguna GT's & FMF's in original finish. Needed: Tall bars, IRC Snakebelly 1.75".



#2 2013-04-25 7:10pm

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Re: 1980 Race Inc. RA-7

Nice!  Well done!

Always looking for Cook Bros. stuff, vintage SE stuff,  MCS 6 bolt Super stems,  and Race Inc. Leading Edge/Cycle Pro/BMX innovations 20" forks.  All NOS or in very nice condition.



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