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#1 2013-04-12 8:45pm

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1976 Champion Schwerma

1976 Champion Schwerma

Nickel plated grail bike from NORCAL b.m.x. scene

This is a work in progress.........
1976 SCHWERMA frame
1979 Tange TX500 fork
Takagi MX crank and spider
Takagi 45 tooth sprocket
Dicta 14 tooth freewheel
Wienman 20 x 1.75 rims
Sunshine loose ball hubs
COMP 2 tires 20 x 2.125 front 20 x 1.75 rear
MCS seat post
DCBMX 2bolt seat clamp
Tuf Neck 1st gen stem
Redline Nickel plated Pro bars
Preston Petty grips
KKT rat trap pedals
Hank & Frank brake bridge
Haro brake lever

Bmx was pure fun BITD, I think nowadays, some folks have forgotten what its really all about. And what it truly is.........



#2 2013-04-13 7:16am

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Re: 1976 Champion Schwerma

Love the frame and the chrome and gold look. cool

Anything clem twin and parker!!!



#3 2013-04-13 6:22pm

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Re: 1976 Champion Schwerma

Sweet bike big_smile

How to post pictures in the forms

Ride In Peace Autumn Pasquale



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