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#1 2013-02-08 10:38am

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Heart attack? me?

I know people don't like hearing about this kind of stuff but I want you guys to know your not invincible like I though I was.
Saturday night I had my monthly poker game with my two boys (Spencer, 32 and Tyler, 29) and 4 of my good buddies.  I usually provide the eats and they bring the beer. My wife and her friends always go out and do there thing that night. We chow down then start playing poker down in the mancave where all my bikes and other vintage stuff reside. We were all having a great time, smoking and drinking, losing and winning. A couple hours in I felt like I was getting reflux. After eating Pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans and potatoe salad I figured this could happen. The pain started getting worse then usual, then I started sweating. I don't sweat when I get reflux. I told the guys I needed to go upstairs for a few minutes because I'm not feeling well. By the time I reached the top of the stairs I knew this was not reflux. I was very disoriented and could hardly walk. I sat down on the couch, about 30 seconds later I got up, stumbled to the basement door and yelled down " guys, something wrong". They all ran upstairs and saw that I was white as a ghost and my shirt was drenched in sweat. Now I have to tell you, after that I don't remember too much. Thank god most my friends' work requires them to be certified in First-Aid and CPR. As soon as they saw me, one of them yelled for Spencer to call 911. I started to crumble to the ground, Tyler caught me and slowly brought me to the floor.The only thing I could here is Spencer yelling on the phone for the paramedics to hurry up! Tyler stayed by my side until they arrived, aprox. 5 minutes. The paramedics put me on the gurney, then into the ambulance. I never totally lost consciousness but was kind of in and out. I still was cluless what was happening to me until I heard one of the paramedics say I am having a heart attack. The only thing I remember after that was "oh my god, This could be it, I'm too young". I am 54, same age as Harry Leary, kind of old for BMX (probably the oldest in the Museum) but when my kids were younger they were really into BMX and we just kept on going with it, thats another story, anyway by the time we got to the hospital, about 10 minutes, my wife arrived, I was very glad to see her, we both got very emotional for a few minutes until the heart surgeon arrived, about 5 minutes. Next thing I know I am looking at a monitor and see these toothpick like things moving around. There was a screen by my neck so I couldn't see what was going on. The surgeon pops his head around the screen and says "everything is ok, I am putting 2 stints in your lower artery. You can watch on the monitor to your left". I couldn't believe I was watching this! A little later I am in ICU with my wife holding my hand and my 2 boys next to her. I asked her if this really happened because the last 2 hours of my life was so surreal. She told me (as she was still crying) I had a heart attack and just got out of an hour and a half surgery. She said the surgeon went in through my artery in my right arm just above the wrist. I looked at my boys, they hugged me and I thanked them for being the best sons in the world!! It was very emotional. My hearts rhythm returned that night. Fast forward, here I am at home feeling pretty good and realizing how important family and friends are! I can't do much for 4-6 weeks so I figured I would tell this story to another big part of my life, Old School BMX Museum members, to say life is short and very precious, please do what you can to stop smoking. I was very active riding bikes, atv's, golfing, swimming, in fact I had just finished building up my first new school bike and took it for a good ride the day it happened,  If I can reach one person and have them do that, then this is all worth it!! Here's a couple pics for you. Thanks!

Riding my 26 DG Looptail couple months ago.

First complete New School build.

My arm where the surgeon went in to put the stints in.

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#2 2013-02-08 10:47am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Damn dude, That is an eye-opening story, Now sell me your white Just kidding. Good to hear you came thru
ok. I'm sure it puts a different perspective to a lot of things going forward.

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#3 2013-02-08 10:51am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Hope you get back out there riding again soon. All the best!!

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#4 2013-02-08 10:52am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Wow man.. Crazy story.. I'm glad to hear everything is looking up for ya.. Take it easy some, and take care.. You have some wonderful sons.. Big props to them for being so. cool



#5 2013-02-08 10:53am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Wow...glad you made it through!  Great perspective...wishing you a full speedy recovery!

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#6 2013-02-08 10:54am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Glad you had people around to help! How freaked would you have been by yourself? Chit can happen at any time,place,and age.
      Makes you thankful for what we have.Get busy living ,enjoy  family and freinds.Thanks for sharing story!

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#7 2013-02-08 10:54am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

hope you stay healthy good luck with your arm. neutral

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#8 2013-02-08 10:56am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Glad to hear all is well now.

unions.... the folks who brought you the weekend!
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#9 2013-02-08 10:57am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Wow...I can only imagine how scared your friends and family were and how upset they must have been at the thought that they could lose you. I'm a pretty tough dude but you choked me up! Thanks for sharing! For what it's worth I'm glad everything is okay so you could share this with us.

I used to smoke when I drank...probably like you and your buddies did playing poker. It was when my ex girlfriend broke my heart I started smoking a lot...for several weeks...beating myself up and not giving a shit about much of anything. Finally I said "f this!" I took the money that I had saved for her engagement ring (that she knew nothing about) and paid off bills and bought my 24" 1st bike build in 25 years at least! I called my best friend growing up that I've known since my 1st memory of anything and said "let's start riding together again!" Ever since then I ride every chance I get and I have not smoked...and I feel better...and during the summer I'm quite happy with my physical shape too!

...several thousand dollars, a Quad, a Skyway and a Redline later...I read on here all the time, upgrade bike stuff mostly because it's fun, looks cool and I couldn't afford it as a kid...and my buddy and I ride as much as we can. Life sure has changed...what I thought was one of the worst moments of my life may have saved it...who knows? Not near as prime an example as yours...but I get you man...I get you.

Anyway...I'm glad you are still around and cool pictures cool Happy BMXing brother big_smile

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#10 2013-02-08 11:03am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Glad to hear you are doing better.  When things like this happen it really puts your life in perspective.  Nothing but best wishes to you and your family




#11 2013-02-08 11:06am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

WOW...That is NO B.S.!!!!I am so happy so see you made it threw...You are truely blessed to a have a second chance at life!I'm sure you'll be VERY thankful to have the peolple around you that care so much.You REALLY owe you buddy alittle more than a 12 pack for that one!;)God bless brotha...Bob.

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#12 2013-02-08 11:12am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Glad you're okay and you're friends knew what to do and didn't panic. Kudos to you're
Get better and keep pedaling!



#13 2013-02-08 11:19am

Aaron O.
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Re: Heart attack? me?

Get well...
Hope you fully recover big_smile



#14 2013-02-08 11:22am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Holy crap Dave!  So glad Tyler, Spence and your friends were there.  Thank you for sharing your story as I think more and more about this stuff every year my numbers go up.  My wife just said "Now maybe you'll start going to the gym and stop eating so many chips"!

Take it easy because we want to see you on all the rides this spring and summer!



#15 2013-02-08 11:22am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

How old are you?



#16 2013-02-08 11:25am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

The guy that sits behind me at work had a major heart attack last week!  Thin, super-healthy lifestyle....39 years old!

Doctors said he was 90% blocked on the left side, and 75% on the right side.  If our co-worker had driven him home (like he requested), he would have died shortly thereafter.  Thankfully, he was driven directly to the hospital.

EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS:  started with reflux feelings, then heavy sweating, disoriented, and left-side numbness.

Thank you for posting suzu400....I hope you take good care of yourself.

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#17 2013-02-08 11:27am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

That's it! No more pulled pork for me!  Close scrape, glad your crew had your back! cool   In 4 to 6 weeks you'll be happily risking your life on BMX bikes again. big_smile Life is good.




#18 2013-02-08 11:31am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Wow, I was just having a conversation with a man I work with.

He recently (Tuesday) recounted a tale of 2 heart attacks in the same year (IIRC, he said February and then again in November of 2005). He said that at age 37 he was tussling with a guy he used to work with on their lunch hour (trying to relive glory days of high school wrestling) ... cold weather and high cholesterol and sudden activity ... and he was a smoker.

Same kind of description - pain and numbness in his chest, face, arms and hands with profuse sweating.

This cat was lucky to have friendly folks there, have him pop 2 asprin and get him seated.
The doctor said (mild) heart attack.
The doctors got him on meds for cholesterol and it took a few years to reach the "balance" ... a mere 9 months later he was out at lunch goofing off and had the same issue, but much worse ~ total blockage in the femoral artery.
Luckily, same friends - asprin, put him in a truck and drove him to the hospital right away ... good thing, too. The doctor said it would have been less than 10 more minutes waiting and he'd have had his last breath.

Interestingly enough, back in 2008 (age 35) I had a similar experience ... dizzy, numbness and and tingling in my arms, face and hands ... profuse sweating.

I thought it was a heart attack or a stroke. The experience passed in less than 15 minutes...
I had it checked out with my doctor.
My heart, brain and lungs were all fine ... turns out I have been borderline hypoglycemic my whole life and I learned that a blood sugar attack can mimic the heart attack fairly closely.

Don't pass on the check-ups and make dietary/excercise changes to keep your body as healthy.

suzu - thanks for sharing and keep doing the "right stuff".
Here's to 54 more years withOUT a heart attack!


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#19 2013-02-08 11:34am

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Powerful story and thanks for sharing smile

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#20 2013-02-08 11:38am

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Re: Heart attack? me?


Kelly just sent me this link, I am glad to see you are going to be getting better! I can't imagine what that was like, I am sure you will be around to build many more bikes and to meet for a ride next time I make it out to Colorado!

Take it easy and take care of yourself, I am sure your family wants you around a little longer. wink



#21 2013-02-08 11:47am

redline squareback
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Re: Heart attack? me?

Glad you are doing well. Life is short. I just lost my girlfiend at the age of 56.

GO FOR IT. [img][/img]

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#22 2013-02-08 11:50am

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Re: Heart attack? me?


I hope all is well! Not something you like to read, but its reality...neutral



#23 2013-02-08 12:04pm

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Take care man.  I wish you a full and speedy recovery!



#24 2013-02-08 12:05pm

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Re: Heart attack? me?

Glad you pulled through. We had a friend nearby, 46. Died of a heart attack a year ago. So, happy to hear you made it.

Some questions:

When was the last time you saw the doctor? What kind of shape did he say you were in? Cholesterol, BP, etc? I ask as I'm approaching 50 and I do think about this stuff with 2 kids. I see the doctor typically every year or two to keep track of stuff, so, curious if you were being pro-active on stuff like that. Not busting your nuts, truly just would like to learn if I'm being pro-active enough. My daughter is just 7, to check out now, man, that would suck. Any real world info I could get would be appreciated.

Take care!

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#25 2013-02-08 12:06pm

jumpin jim
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Re: Heart attack? me?

Glad that day was not your time! Glad to hear your doing well. Take time to enjoy the things in your life you enjoy most. No ones guaranteed tomorrow!



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