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#1 2013-01-25 6:51pm

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Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

I have had two "false starts" now building my childhood bike (84 GT Team Series here:
Once because it was a refinished Pro Series that I wasn't "feeling" and the second time it was an all-OG Mach One made in Japan (G5 killed it for me).

Who has re-built their childhood bike and how was the experience?  Did you build it like you bought it, or like it was before you "parted" with it.  Examples of dudes who are blessed enough to have their actual bike from BITD aren't really relevant here--mine was jacked and never to be seen again in 92.

I NEED: 1986-88 Chrome ELF Pro Frame/Fork
I NEED: 24" Blue UKAI Speedline hoop or wheel--single or pair
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#2 2013-01-25 7:11pm

Hip Hop Junkie
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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

My actual first BMX - 1981 Murray TRX. Fun rebuild this past year.

Remake of my first bike shop bike - 1987 GT Performer. By far the most prized in my collection for nostalgic reasons. Working on having both black and white components so I can change it up at will. … QNHPXy9KSN

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#3 2013-01-25 7:13pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

I still have my 85 Freestyle quadangle from when I was a kid and I also rebuilt my childhood 86 Schwinn free form ex into my dream build of that bike that I had bitd

1988 RedLine RL-20 II
1985 SE Racing Quadangle Freestyler
1986 Schwinn Free Form EX



#4 2013-01-25 7:19pm

Pro MemberIt's Not For Sale, Francis!
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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

Still working on rebuilding mine, it is the National Pro in my AVATAR pic.

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#5 2013-01-25 7:19pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

I am one of the lucky guys to have kept my last race bike from BITD.  I had a Diamond Back Turbo that was stolen when I was like 14 that I thought about recreating, but the cost of that project keeps me well away from attempting it.

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#6 2013-01-25 7:27pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

I was lucky enough to still have my one and only bike. I had pulled a few items off, like the rotor, and was just going to fix what I had broke. I ended up building the bike as close to original, but had to replace the wheels due to two cracked rims. Looks similar, but the wheels just don't look right now.

From this:

To this:

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I keep buying and selling, so I guess I wasn't happy with the four I had left.



#7 2013-01-25 7:27pm

"The Grey Goose"
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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

I have rebuilt two of my childhood bikes.. My dad was cool enough to hang on to em and I loved every minute of making these shine again.

My 83 Expert

My 85 Mach 1 … QNM_2f4KSo

What I'd give for a early 80's 26" GT Cruiser....



#8 2013-01-25 7:27pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

I actually still have my childhood bikes, my blue 1981 mongoose II, 1981 huffy pro thunder, 1994 mongoose expert, 1989 gt performer. I mainly rode 80s bmx bikes during the 90s. the 1989 performer I bought with my own money when I was 10 from the original owner in 1997 for $80.



#9 2013-01-25 7:30pm

Museum Addict
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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

i had let the ones go i had over the years. really regret that even though i have nos and mint replicas. still not the same



#10 2013-01-25 7:50pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

Me I had an xlx but settled for this xl.  Same color   Upgraded pedals,added the blue ano but same size sprocket same size stem, and ran big dogs instead of the pitbulls.  Its my favorite to ride. 

All I wanna do is get some ano vg stuff

WTB!!!!! cyclecraft frame pad with the box lettering



#11 2013-01-25 7:57pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

Just finished mine tonight.
Inspired by a VHS tape I found at my parents house (screen grab is my profile pic)



#12 2013-01-25 7:58pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

This is almost my exact last race bike. I had red spoke nipples and chrome ukai rims instead of Araya 7x with phil hubs and spider, just as I have hear. I have redline v bar not patterson bars, and I had blue grab on mx3 grips, otherwise almost exactly the same.  My patterson was a PR200S, instead of a P. I wanted a bigger bike since I'm taller now than when I was 15-16.



#13 2013-01-25 8:03pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

I'm also lucky enough to still have mine from bitd but, my air-uni got crossed with a t/a somewhere down the line, a.k.a., the "sky-uni." A member here was kind enough to offer me an air-uni f/f to marry up with the parts I kept.. for a measly $800 -no decals! Sheeeya right! Now, I'm pretty close to having the t/a built up as a racer, but I still don't know if I could ever part with the uni parts. (Not that they're that great.) It would be nice to complete the uni, but I never found one in the pink that I had and I doubt I ever will at a reasonable $. The t/a was my dream bike, so I'm pretty content to have that live on. The air-uni was sick, but a beast of a frame!

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#14 2013-01-25 8:37pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

I plan on redoing an 87 lavender gt pft that my parents bought for me in 88. I actually have a few parts left from that bike like the frame standers and mags. I ended up trading the f/f to my buddy who had a 87 blue pft.



#15 2013-01-25 9:34pm

RL-20II Guy
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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

I did mine exactly.....and this is my original number plate too!  Yes, I raced with rotor!

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#16 2013-01-25 9:58pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

I'm in the process of building up my childhood bike for the Hutch buildoff.  I'm building it up mostly the way it was originally built.  Can't wait to ride it!

Don't do tomorrow what you can do today.

84-87 Freestyler.  Building up my childhood bike ('85 Hutch Trickstar) and one I always wanted ('85 Haro Master).



#17 2013-01-25 10:05pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

Awesome rides cool



#18 2013-01-25 10:08pm

Lil T.
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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

didn't have one but dreamed oh so hard of owning one, and now I have it. My 1986 GT PWT...

The Story...

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#19 2013-01-25 10:31pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

This is my actual childhood bike as I rode it as a boy. This is what got me back into this hobby.

I made a few modifications and here she sits now. Also, wondering how the hell I rode that Uni seat around for hours and hours a day BITD. lollollol That was the first thing to go.

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#20 2013-01-25 11:00pm

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

my first bike shop bmx bike was an neon green 85 twin top tube general hustler (poor kids haro master JK). I have been unable to find one to rebuild that. for Xmas 87 though I got a blue/black haro master and built one like it.



#21 2013-01-26 12:23am

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

My first decent bike was a US made green GT Pro Performer frame and forks.

Tried to replicate it exactly, but got carried away with a set of 401s and made an "upgrade"



#22 2013-01-26 1:49am

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

Mine from BITD got tossed to the curb for the trash man after I went in the Army. Just over 2yrs ago I found two of these a few months apart. Took almost 15 months to replicate, but this is how it sat back then. Only thing different is cable color, but mine had purple cables then because that's what was on it when I traded for it.

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#23 2013-01-26 2:38am

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

I had the first Trickstyler. I worked at a little bike shop right by the Orange Circle in the OC. When the 1988 brochure came through it showed the 24k plated beast! It was a total pipe dream... My boss knew how bad I wanted that bike. He knew Richard personally and pulled some strings with out me ever knowing. Every week we got a truck with the bikes for stock and customers. I unloaded the boxes and built them up. I always unloaded MTB, Redline, Haro, and Hutch boxes. One delivery had the Trickstyler (about a month before it was released) my boss told me to leave it because the customer wanted to build it himself. That damn box sat there and fukked with my head BAD!I wanted to build it bad. He finally told me he talked the guy into letting me build it promising that I knew what I was doing and could build it with no probs but could not ride it after assembly. I was WAY cool with that! I opened it up and started building my dream bike. (My riders then were Judge, Windstyler, and Racer which was my fav! Tricked t out with standers, Rotor, etc)
My boss (Kevin) finally asked me how I liked it. (These things were like $800 if I remember correctly) I told him I wanted one more than anything (As I was sitting on it)
He said something like,.. You know the guy that bought this was worried about building it himself so bad because he really knows his stuff. He didn't want just "some guy" building it for him. I told him there was no better person to build that bike than me. He finally told me..... (How do you plan to pay me back)

I about shit myself! It was my bike. big_smile I tried to build it again and this is about close as I can get.

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#24 2013-01-26 2:59am

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#25 2013-01-26 3:40am

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Re: Who has RE-built their childhood bike?

Seeing as I have my og bikes still I built a replica of my buddies bike from school. I always wanted one like his.
Now I do.

70's bmx is where it's at.



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