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Scored a NOS CHAMPION seat post.  RSS Feed

#26 2014-01-17 11:50am

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Re: Scored a NOS CHAMPION seat post.

badmofo wrote:

Hawk1970 wrote:

Scroll down past the initial auction to see what is going on with leftover Champion frame tubing from 1982...... … 4619306744

What is the general consensus on this? I am not sure how I feel about this but it sure would be nice to have a 26" Champion as my next project.


You're in luck!  They're going to release the 26" in the near future, at $1100 A POP!!  (no thanks)
BTW, they're accepting "pre-order" deposits of $400 if you wanna get on the "limited list" for one.  roll

I paid more for my OG F&F. $1100 is not really that bad if you think about it.

I would buy forks if they are offering those separate. I have red forks on my 26" and won't refinish them since the finish is very nice and I do want chrome forks for it.

It is pretty lame that they won't be stamped 2014 or something to really differentiate them from the originals.

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#27 2014-01-17 12:31pm

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Re: Scored a NOS CHAMPION seat post.

There colors are not like the original paint..



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Re: Scored a NOS CHAMPION seat post.




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