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#1 2013-01-24 12:50am

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1999 Schwinn Pro Stock 1

1999 Schwinn Pro Stock 1

Girlfriends new ride finished

1999 Schwinn 20". AnnMarie was commenting on how heavy her steel Dyno Comp was and I had an idea to use this frame that was in my shed for awile. So i bought a pink Velo saddle, hot pink Oury grips, and a pink KMC chain. This frame is so light and well built, Has a really cool cnc'd bottom bracket and is nice and long. I stripped ti to bare aluminum and painted it pink. Added some hippie chick decals and AnnMarie loved it! I used some on hand parts from other projects that I simply polished or repainted. The original forks were bent so used some Redline chrome forks from a sold bike and a cool old Oddysey Pyro alloy chainring that had for awhile.To add some detail the spokes and hubs were painted black and pink and used a matched set of Oddysey high pressure tires for a smooth ride. A low budget project that she thinks is worth a ton but wieghs in very light.



#2 2016-11-15 4:03am

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Re: 1999 Schwinn Pro Stock 1

I like it.  I'm doing a 99 prostock 1 with custom paint for my daughter,  not quite as "girly" as this one, but definately pink.

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