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#1 2013-01-10 4:23pm

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2001 Supercross Dirt Devil

2001 Supercross Dirt Devil

Interesting frame - typical Supercross seat stays, but a heavy duty frame with u-brake mounts and bracing at the head tube.  Never seen one before!

Found this thing on evilbay - had to have it!  The "DIRT DEVIL"!!!  I've never seen a Supercross frame with U-brake mounts on the chain stays!  It has a 21 1/4" top tube, 3/8" drop outs, and an American crank hanger.  Head tube decal says "air hardened 4130 cromo".  Pretty heavy compared to the other Supercross frames I've seen!  Not sure on the year, and don't know how many were made. Anyone with any info - please post a comment - thanks!

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#2 2013-02-23 6:36am

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Re: 2001 Supercross Dirt Devil

I sold it to you.  Send Bill @ Supercross an email, and he will confirm the following info.

2002 model, only made one year.  100 frames made.  Pretty rare frame.  I have seen this dark greyish blackish blueish color and a green one.

I bought it off my local Craigslist for $40, built it and raced it once, and gained a new respect for my lightweight race bike!



#3 2013-04-03 11:18am

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Re: 2001 Supercross Dirt Devil

Sweet. I've got a green one. Had it built up for a bit. These things are tanks.

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#4 2015-06-13 9:55am

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Re: 2001 Supercross Dirt Devil

I've got one of these too. Black really fits in to the structure of the frame (mine's green) cool

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