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Dia Compe Brake Lever - Which one?  RSS Feed

#1 2013-01-08 1:27pm

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Dia Compe Brake Lever - Which one?

I received this along with a set of Pitbulls. Seller stated that it's an original Tech 7 from the late '80s. It's stamped Dia Compe but also stamped Taiwan not Japan. If it means anything, in the second pic there's a stamping on the lever of 1089. Maybe for Oct. of '89?

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#2 2013-01-08 1:52pm

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Re: Dia Compe Brake Lever - Which one?

It's a Tech 77 smile

And I don't think it's a late 80's one as they are made in Japan - the Tai one's are 90's onwards - although give or take a year or two smile

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#3 2013-01-08 1:54pm

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Re: Dia Compe Brake Lever - Which one?




#4 2013-01-08 2:19pm

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Re: Dia Compe Brake Lever - Which one?

True story.

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