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#1 2013-01-03 9:51pm

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1998 Redline RL 240

1998 Redline RL 240

I built this bike for my 10 y.o. daughter.
It did elicit a small smile....

It was time to do my 10 y.o daughter right and hook her up a proper BMX bike. Something chrome and cool, easy on the eyes and easy to ride-a “motivator” for a kid who is not that keen on the sporting life.
I found the frame-forks-cranks-stem and bars from cowlitzfan here on the museum, the frameset was practically unblemished and it was a great deal. A perfect starting point. I just happened to have a set of redline wheels hanging in the vault. The rest I picked up from my favorite online bargain hut. The cranks needed a makeover, so I stipped and polished the anno chainring and gave the crankarms a fresh coat of paint. I left off the front brake and gyro for simplicity.
I’m very happy with the finished product, it rides great and the mid-school geometry is kind to even to ol’ chippy….I can see myself “borrowing” this bike every once and a while!

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#2 2013-07-15 7:45pm

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Re: 1998 Redline RL 240

This is great!  I did the same exact thing for my daughter (13 y/o). She's not the out doorsy kid either. Went with a 98 as well.

Your build is great and a fantastic ride for the kid. Nice job.

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#3 2013-11-01 2:02am

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Re: 1998 Redline RL 240

I've recently got 98 redline 240 frame from the salvage, it's in a bad way but with a little time and money should have it back to way it should be . Nice ride:lol:



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