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#1 2012-12-20 3:25pm

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1976 Peddlepower

1976 Peddlepower

1976 Peddlepower built with all original finishes

1976 Peddlepower
Original paint & stickers
This bike is built with all original finish parts
Frame - Peddlepower original paint & stickers
Fork - Redline original nickel & stickers
Stem - Unstamped Tuf Neck
Headset - Schwinn
Grips - Toadstool
Bars - VDC Fluted Aluminum Bars
Brake Lever - Pre-Bent Shimano
Brake Caliper - Shimano Tourney
Seat Post - Steel
Seat Clamp - Schwinn
Seat - Quilted Black Vinyl
Rims - 1st Gen. Araya 7B
Front Hub - Suzue High Flange
Rear Hub - Shimano High Flange
Front Tire - Carlisle Aggressor MX
Rear Tire - Cheng Shin C-183
Chainring - Campagnolo
Cranks - Campagnolo Strada
Pedals - KKT Rat Trap
Chain - HKK
Pads - Black Vinyl
Number Plate - Hunt Wilde

WTB 70's BMX
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#2 2012-12-20 9:43pm

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Re: 1976 Peddlepower

Awesome ride smile

How to post pictures in the forms

Ride In Peace Autumn Pasquale



#3 2012-12-21 12:20am

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Re: 1976 Peddlepower

You really did this one justice. #Dialed.

Wanted: 1975



#4 2012-12-22 5:42am

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Re: 1976 Peddlepower

Too cool big_smile

I Love bmxmuseum!



#5 2016-09-18 8:04am

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Re: 1976 Peddlepower


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