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#1 2012-12-20 3:24pm

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1979 Laguna GT

1979 Laguna GT

1978 Laguna Gt built with all original finishes (Sold)

1978 Laguna GT
Original Paint & stickers
This bike is built with all original finish & parts
Frame- Laguna GT original red paint & stickers
Fork - Laguna
Stem - Tuf Neck unstamped
Headset - Schwinn
Grips - Toadstool
Bars - Laguna BMX
Brake Lever - Team Products
Brake Caliper - Shimano Tourney
Seat Post - SE Racing
Seat Clamp - Powerlite PL-1
Seat - Quilted Black Vinyl
Rims - Araya 7C
Front Hub - Sunshine sealed
Rear Hub - Sunshine sealed
Front Tire - Cheng Shin
Rear Tire - Kenda
Sprocket - Sugino Snowflake
Cranks - Takagi MX
Pedals - KKT Rat Trap
Chain - D.I.D. nickel
Pads - Black Vinyl
Number Plate - White Rectangle

WTB 70's BMX
Don't Hutch Yourself!



#2 2012-12-21 4:42am

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Re: 1979 Laguna GT

yikes yikes Still a killer cool

20" before dishonnor



#3 2012-12-22 5:43am

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Re: 1979 Laguna GT

Nice smile

I Love bmxmuseum!



#4 2014-02-26 11:51am

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Re: 1979 Laguna GT

Someday I will own this!! lol lol tongue

Looking for: Rampar aluminum BMX Frame (looks like Race Inc. Jr), Race Inc. forks, Cycle Pro Foiler's, Spoiler's, Laguna GT's & FMF's in original finish. Needed: Shimano DX or PD pedals blue, IRC Snakebelly 1.75".



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