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#1 2012-12-19 9:18pm

aok baby@thailand
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1978 GJS A Frame

1978 GJS A Frame

A - Frame, down tube big as top tube,

       I want to collect  rere  70's  BMXs at my home much as possible .

                   This is her, one of my dream, at my home.



#2 2012-12-19 9:36pm

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Re: 1978 GJS A Frame

Does it have a serial number?  All GJS's top and down tubes are the same size, it's the brace tubes that changed later.  Yours are the same size and that makes it an early frame...most likely a 79, especially since it has forks.  Those forks weren't out in 78.

Rad bike though! cool

Wanted:  anything from... 
Star Products BMX, Rebel Racing, Hustler, BXC, Panda or White Bear.

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#3 2012-12-23 9:31pm

Giant Squirrel Hunter
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Re: 1978 GJS A Frame

Nice GJS.  Like to know if it has a serial # also.

Man, you've got quite the collection of 70's stuff.  Cool display cabinets also.

"Preserving the bikes that brought us pure joy as kids for the future"



#4 2013-01-26 3:05pm

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Re: 1978 GJS A Frame




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