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#1 2012-12-07 7:38pm

Pro Memberfanofbmx
From: Left @ Albuquerque
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2012 - The Year in Review

Please post all your bikes that were built in 2012. The object is easy, less comments/compliments, and more pics of bikes.

I know this year was rather busy for me, so here are mine.

1983 Redline PL24

1985 Redline RL20ii

1987 Redline RL20a

1985 Redline 500b

Torker Street Rush (Jamaican Style)

Kastan Kex

Revcore 24"

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#2 2012-12-07 8:23pm

Museum Addict
From: VA
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

2010 SE Racing PK Ripper 26

26" PK Ripper!!!!!  Was one of The Hundreds, rebuilt the way I like it!

And I added my favorite stem and some trick Hutch bear traps to my All American TS

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#3 2012-12-07 8:29pm

Museum Addict
From: New Orleans, LA
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

:Dcool New Orleans Saints PK.

New Orleans via Steamboat Springs, CO via New Orleans



#4 2012-12-07 8:33pm

ModeratorRetired Action Man
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

88 Team Master

84 gen 3 Master

85 Fst should be done before XMass........

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#5 2012-12-07 9:55pm

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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

1985 MCS



#6 2012-12-07 10:20pm

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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

2012 OM Flyer

1995 GT Cruiser I built for my wife

2012 CW Phaze 1 24", but since I will be making what I think might be my final changes this weekend I will post this and change it in a couple of days.



#7 2012-12-08 5:39am

From: Fredericksburg, VA
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

Built in the Spring of 2012

and changed up last month

Yeah I want Cheesy Poofs!



#8 2012-12-09 5:07pm

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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

'86 Redline Prostyler

Pre-serial Hutch Pro Racer

'85 Hutch Hollywood

'85 Hutch Trick Star

'87 Redline RL-20II

'95 Robinson 24"




#9 2012-12-09 5:24pm

Pro MemberAlbany Fool!!!
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

OK - I'll play.  Only two builds for me this year after five last year...

'87 Zeronine Pro XL

'86 Profile Champ

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#10 2012-12-09 5:51pm

From: Murrieta, CA
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

2012 BUILDS.....



#11 2012-12-09 6:31pm

Museum Addict
From: Australia
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

the dk is my cruiser, new frame with all of last years or so parts.  It now has a spyder saddle, crupi stem, intense mk2 tyres and white 29 wide s&m bars.

this one is for my son, expert size, needs a link taken from the chain and the cable trimmed shorter.  might just use the old pedals until the crupi rounds come out again and he'll prob race on clipless soon anyway.

only other thing I did was change around a few parts on the old bikes.  It's been a fun year.  I think I'll get a new 20 inch race bike for next year.



#12 2012-12-09 8:13pm

WAYYYY in the black
From: Round Lake, NY
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

Lots of great builds, everyone.

Larry, I remember drooling over some of your bikes when you entered them in the buildoffs earlier this year..

1998 Dyno VFR:

2005 Kent Shogun my son and I are doing over:

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#13 2012-12-09 8:34pm

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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

kastan frame turned out great... looks way better then before



#14 2012-12-09 8:39pm

Pro MemberSUNDAY!
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

Barely been a member here for just over a year, so all of mine were completed within 2012.. And it's been a blast and a half cool

1978 DB MX.. my baby lol

1979 DB Large Pro

1980 DB Pro

1984 DB Viper

1986 PKR

2012 S&M Cam Wood



#15 2012-12-09 9:27pm

Pro Memberpatty work
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

7/10/12 -- the first and only build on on previously unbuilt frame by the original owner -- ME!

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#16 2012-12-09 9:35pm

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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

1985 Hutch Judge - Built for the 2012 Spring Build-off

1986 24" Hutch Trick Star - Built for the 2012 Summer Build-off - Won 1st place

1991 Hutch Judge XL - Built just for fun and rides awesome! JDB used this frame to take measurements for the new hutch frames.

1985 TrickStar - updated it with better parts

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#17 2012-12-09 9:54pm

For Sale Restricted
From: South Jersey
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

A lot... lol out of these builds, I have all except for 3 of them. Splitbus bought the Revo, traded Getmoney the RL and traded UPSMAN the PFT. smile
My first build of 2012... 86' Master
Full custom 87' Windstyler
88' Trickstyler
85' Street Beat
98' Revo/ retro Master
90's GT Vertigo for my daughter
99' RL fs860/ retro RL20-II
86' Dyno Compe
87' GT PFT
These four were built for the Department Store Buildoff
86' Jetter Freestyler
87' Futura Freestyler
Murray SX1 pitbike
Murray X24
Built up to be rider
87 serial 88' Master
Quick build using stuff laying around. Once I gather the rest of the parts I will rebuild it.
85' SE Quad Freestyle
I'll include this since it's almost finished.
86' Trickstar

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#18 2012-12-09 11:32pm

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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review



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#19 2012-12-10 4:01am

For Sale Restricted
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

Raven, that 88' Team Master is stunning yikes


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#20 2012-12-10 5:41am

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#21 2012-12-10 6:16am

"Closet Hutch Fan"
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review



#22 2012-12-10 6:51am

redline squareback
Museum Addict
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

This is from the 2012 spring build off.

GO FOR IT. [img][/img]

WANTED! red snakebelly tires, blue and black irc z1 tires, comp III black yellow label tires.



#23 2012-12-10 7:30am

Centurion Member
From: Shady Shores, TX
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

Just got back into BMX this year and became a dad, so only 1 build

'73 Stingray



#24 2012-12-10 8:01am

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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

81 Sting
85 TS
83 National Pro Long

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#25 2012-12-10 8:37am

From: Chicopee, MA
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Re: 2012 - The Year in Review

2012 Skyway TA XL 24 big_smile

My next bike will be my LAST one.

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