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#1 2012-12-04 2:03pm

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messin' with the Tribute!

It's pouring down rain outside (typical for Oregon) so I decided to tinker around with the Tribute frame I recently had painted.  Been collecting pieces for a while now, but still undecided on a few things!  Here are my thoughts for now:
Xtro fork w/ 36 hole hub on the front.
TNT polished rear hub - 14mm 10 tooth driver for the rear.
Got some 180 profiles with a 25 tooth sprocket.
Put the Strip Bars on it to see what they look like on there - may go with KORE Candy bars.

That's about where I'm at for now.  Still need to lace up the wheels and get them on for a better idea of the "look".  The color is a candy flake blue over a black base, and I want pretty much everything else either chrome or polished.  Haven't had it out in the sun yet, but it should look alright!  Had to de-sticker the forks - that red didn't work!  Here's a few pics - tell me what you think!

(excuse the crappy pics - as I said, it's raining outside so this is the best I could do!)

Looking for: red Gsport ratchet hub



#2 2012-12-04 2:54pm

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Re: messin' with the Tribute!

Nice cool



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