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#1 2012-11-30 3:02pm

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Paint / Decals Question

I'm getting ready to take my bike in for a powdercoat.  I had someone recommend putting the new frame decals on prior to getting a clear coat.  Is this right?  Or should the decals go on after the paint and clear coat?




#2 2012-11-30 3:05pm

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Re: Paint / Decals Question

Powder doesn't need clearcoat. If you paint it, do decals after clear...

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#3 2012-12-02 6:43pm

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Re: Paint / Decals Question

If u get the frame powdercoated just wetsand the powdercoat with 500 grit or 600 apply yoir decals were u want them.  Then make sure the frame is dust and dirt and grease free. Then u can clearcoat right over the powder and decals. Make sure to mist the first few coats of clear on. Make sure you let each coat flash properly then apply a meduim coat then u can start applying heavier coats.



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