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#1 2008-03-11 9:36am

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1999 Free Agent Eluder 24

1999 Free Agent Eluder 24

My knees don't hit the handle bar on this one

Is it normal for the SN # stamp to have the FA on top of the 19?



#2 2010-12-03 1:49pm

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Re: 1999 Free Agent Eluder 24

That's a very nice bike -with good colors.  Now wipe it down with some armorall!

Stuff I want: 2000 24" DB Reactor Team frame ,  Voxom and Enigma stuff. Alliant / Radix stem and stuff.  JW and Stiffys stuff.  Cool late mid-school cruiser parts.



#3 2012-03-08 8:00pm

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Re: 1999 Free Agent Eluder 24

lollollollollollollol On What You Said ! Instant Flavor ! big_smile

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#4 2012-12-18 12:19pm

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Re: 1999 Free Agent Eluder 24

Diggin the look, just needs a 3pc and call it a day

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