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How much should I expect to $pend??  RSS Feed

#1 2012-11-08 11:52am

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How much should I expect to $pend??

I'm not selling anything... but could use some expert advice. I am currently in the market for a 1979-1982 SE, PK Ripper... I've never really hunted for one, PLEASE anyone... give me a guest-a-mit on what I can expect to pay for a 79-81 PK, with or without Landing Gear forks. Obviously condition will play a big factor in price, but lets say Good to Fair condition, with OG paint.
Thanks in advance!!

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#2 2012-11-08 11:53am

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Re: How much should I expect to $pend??

Contact OLDSKOOLPK, he'll know

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#3 2012-11-08 12:07pm

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Re: How much should I expect to $pend??

*Edit because I didnt mean to give out unwanted info on a member

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#4 2012-11-08 12:17pm

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Re: How much should I expect to $pend??

Dennis I will pm you my number.

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#5 2012-11-08 1:11pm

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Re: How much should I expect to $pend??

Your looking at anywhere from $250 - $600 for a frame or frame set, forks included.  and could be more depending on condition.

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Good luck

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#6 2012-11-08 1:20pm

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Re: How much should I expect to $pend??

    The most 'valuable' OG colors are gold, red (candy or stop sign), blue (candy and baby blue) and lastly tan.  Ball burnished, black, white always command less since they seem more common and abundant.

A-jey hit it on the head with his 250-600 comment....if you find the harder more valuable colors I would say 650 and up.  A nice set of LG forks always command $200ish and up. 

Wish I knew u wanted one D, I just sold a gorgeous frame to Randy. 

They are out there, just finding one without the usual chainstay/seatpost cracks....chain rub and dropout gouges is sometimes hard to find.

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#7 2012-11-08 2:07pm

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Re: How much should I expect to $pend??

further proof that no hardcore member is away from the museum for long...

good on ya olskoolpk

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#8 2012-11-08 2:24pm

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Re: How much should I expect to $pend??

Good luck on your hunting.... Hope u get what u looking for cool

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