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#1 2012-11-08 8:42am

Dr. Mantis Toboggan
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got me again

wtf ebay
three different people bid on three different items i was selling. non bmx related.
and all three had a separate story on what happened with their work, money, paypal or job.
why bid at all? and how come all three people? this always happens to me. its funny, if
they cant pay just email me and say "sorry something came up and i cant pay" then id relist.
but noooooooo they like to string you along for a week and say how theyll have the money in
5 days then turns to 10 then no contact at all. even the ppl who get you to take 20 pics and email
them to them and ask a million questions and then they win! and youre stoked youre gonna get paid.
after you send them an invoice no response wtf. jeeeeeez okay im done big_smile

"is this your homework larry?"

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#2 2012-11-08 9:17am

Pro MemberHey Santa, you geriatric wanker...where's my bike?
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Re: got me again

You sure it is not someone and their buddies messing with you?  The longer they string you on, the longer your money does nothing for you.  Then if they all pay at once, they can leave feedback.  Just saying. 

If anything like that happens to me, the buyers ID immediately gets put on my do not sell list and blocked.

Wanted- White Industries Freewheel 19T and 20T, and Big Gulp bars- because I think they look goofy enough to cruise with!



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