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#1 2012-11-05 7:58am

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Help with a Diamondback

Picked up a 1984 Diamondback but con't figure out what I have.

Did some research through OS-DB. Based on the serial F4022604, I know the year. Rear drop out is stamped "CRMO". The hubs and rims match a Pacer but with the rear drop out stamping I assume the rear triangle is chromoly while the pacer is hi-ten. Also- 84 Pacer had only a rear brake while this had front and rear. Lastly- this had a three piece crank (170 Sugino) not the one piece that the Pacer had.

Any Ideas?



#2 2012-11-05 10:58am

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Re: Help with a Diamondback

That frame was originally used for the Silver Streak replacement in late 1983, the doomed Pacer 500 (1983 it was first stamped Cr-Mo) and then went onto be used for several models in 1984, Pacer 500 (stamped 500), Viper and Super Viper. I've seen all 3 models dated 1984 with 'Cr-Mo' or '500' but I wouldn't take much notice what was on it unless it was survivor and those decals are a mixture of 1983 and earlier. smile

Oh and btw the Pacer 500 was a mixture of Cr-Mo and Hi-Ten steel.

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