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#1 2012-11-03 10:50pm

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tires for 87 GT performer

need some white tires for a rider.  what brand made now do you guys recommend for the feel and look of a daily rider.  Again, in white!



#2 2012-11-03 10:57pm

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Re: tires for 87 GT performer

Check out the Odssey path in white , there as close to old school with a current tire you can get in white .
I was going to use these on my 87 pro performer build until I scored some NOS Tioga comp ST ( my favorite tire ) so I jumped on those .

Looking for : WAL / Wilkerson stuff forks and OG sticker set's PM me with what you have.
                   NOS or good condition Super Pro rims
                   BASIC BYKES Small town hick frame $$$$ get at me with what you have !!
                   Homeless bikes forks - trade for early pitch fork ?



#3 2012-11-04 6:07am

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Re: tires for 87 GT performer

I have a nice set of riders... they're a little dry but cleaned up quite well....

they have been ridden one time since being cleaned....

here is a pic of that ride...


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#4 2012-11-08 9:21pm

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Re: tires for 87 GT performer



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