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NOS rims - am I being too optimistic about quality?  RSS Feed

#1 2012-11-03 1:33pm

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NOS rims - am I being too optimistic about quality?

Over the last few months I've been trying to find chrome 48H rims for about 5 projects that I have on the cards. I'm doing ok...

However, that's not quite so enviable a stack when you look closely. Almost all of them are showing signs of age despite being brand new. I can only imagine that this is because they've been sat in warehouses for year after year and inevitably the moisture gets in. At least three of the rims in the photo are going back. What I'm trying to decide though is what issues with the rims are going to be problematic, and what can be dealt with.

Let's start with an Araya Super 7X...

As you can see there are little bits of chrome missing. Some look like the rim has been knocked about. This one I'm not too happy about, and it's only made worse by the fact that these are fairly sought after rims. I really don't want to get rid of it, but I'm worried that it's the start of problems as water can get under the chrome. The ones on my Blammo have flaked (the last owner had it in his attic for years). In addition to the holes, there are lots of little white dots...

Now if I scrub these off, there's the tiniest little mark left behind, which I'm guessing is a little pit in the chrome, which will, if untreated, be the start of flaking. Would some car wax and indoor storage prevent this worsening?

Some of the Sun rims (I have Big City and Black Box rims) have a kind of grainy looking chrome which I suspect isn't as durable. Here we see slight bubbling - is this going to flake imminently, or could it be a manufacturer's defect?

A few months back I bought some pre-built wheels with Alex rims, and the chrome seemed very hard and in perfect condition. Encouraged by this I snapped up some Alex Supra B rims, as shown on the left in the third picture down. They're not a million miles from the 7X in appearance, so could do as worthy substitutes. However, despite buying some good ones before, most of the ones I just bought have pitting on them, tiny little brown dots, and like the marks on the 7X rims, removing the marks leaves something behind.

Here's some pitting on another Sun rim...

So, what I'm trying to work out is, are these rims worth building up? These bikes won't be getting much use, will be stored carefully in a warm, dry environment and I can treat the rims with wax or polish.

What do you guys consider acceptable, bear in mind these were bought new? I've already sent a pair of Black Box rims back because there were lots of patches of flaking chrome. Am I being fussy here? Because after all, once the old stock is gone, it's gone. I can't imagine there'll be many more rims like this produced. So maybe I should just accept that most of the ones I buy will be a little bit tatty, which is often reflected in the knocked down price.

It would be interesting to hear other people's experiences, or feedback on how well these can be preserved in their current condition.



#2 2012-11-03 1:42pm

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Re: NOS rims - am I being too optimistic about quality?

They still look real god . Age is age what are you going to do ? Polish them lace them up and once they are on your bikes you will keep them in a dry place rite? So they willl be all rite.  wink

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Re: NOS rims - am I being too optimistic about quality?

They look awesome to me and I'm picky too. Remember, NOS is New Old Stock which means they may have shelf wear from being shuffled around. However, when I sell something that's NOS, I clearly photograph and describe any wear and tear.

Again, those 48's look great. If you end up not using them, hit me up! cool

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#4 2012-11-11 1:09pm

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Re: NOS rims - am I being too optimistic about quality?

Thanks for the feedback. Unless the chrome is actually off, I'll be using them I think, based on what you guys have said. You make a good point that being nOs 'old' stock, they can't be expected to be in perfect order. And this is reflected in the prices I have paid too...



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