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#1 2012-10-08 9:31am

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1976 Champion Schwerma

1976 Champion Schwerma

Nor Cal 70's Racer

I recently picked up this Schwerma to replace the one I just sold. This frame was found and sold by Darren Chan. When Darren found it the frame was covered with orange paint. The guy who bought it spent a lot of time stripping the paint off and hand polishing the frame retaining the original nickel finish. The finish is far from perfect but shows well. The Hank & Frank brake adapter and frame stickers are originals. The fork is an original 5" Speedo that was beat to hell and was cleaned up and re plated. I figure if I never polish the frame or fork it will lose the shine and be just the way I like it. I also got the uncut Redline Victory Bars and Redline Proline Double Clamp Stem from the same guy. With a few other parts I had lying around I was able to piece together a very nice Nor Cal style 76 Schwerma Race Bike!
Thanks to Alex Douglas for the smoking deal on the frame, fork, bars and stem.
76 Schwerma Frame
Single Dropout Speedo Fork
Redline Victory Bars
Redline Proline Stem
Preston Petty Grips
Shimano Tourney Brake & Lever
Hank & Frank Brake Adapter
Webco Seat Clamp
Wald Seat Post
Kashima Quilted Seat
Takagi MX Crank
Addicks Spider
Addicks Chainring
Lyotard Pedals
Araya 7B 1st Gen.
Silver High Flange Hubs (non matched set)
Cheng Shin & Kenda Knobby Tires
White Vinyl Stem & Bar Pads

WTB 70's BMX
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#2 2012-10-08 12:20pm

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Re: 1976 Champion Schwerma

luv this bike! coolcool

WTB: * NOS Oakley F1 grips black/yellow * KKT FMX/LMX Pedals * Skyway Tuff Graphite pedals/cages * NOS Oakley 2 red right side only * NOS Oakley 1 red left side only * NOS chrome KKT FMX left side pedal 9/16



#3 2012-10-08 2:42pm

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Re: 1976 Champion Schwerma

Awesome big_smile

How to post pictures in the forms

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#4 2012-10-09 9:10am

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Re: 1976 Champion Schwerma

nice willy

*4130 Hollywood Subway Series



#5 2015-01-18 1:51pm

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Re: 1976 Champion Schwerma

Such a bitchen build Will!

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#6 2016-01-10 12:31am

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Re: 1976 Champion Schwerma

Awesome coolcool



#7 2016-09-10 2:05am

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Re: 1976 Champion Schwerma

I really like that bike. LMK if you want to sell it.

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