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#1 2012-09-05 12:39am

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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

war torn cimmerian

this one has a long story, the second of a few restructured pft frames I re-worked in 1994-95, this one was the most used out of all 4. due to the relentless pounding during perverted decade maneuvers and the like, I totally destroyed pft dropouts on a daily basis. my friend ezekiel had a solution, and it was to cut off the drops, and substitute them for thicker, larger, and better welded dropouts, as well as adding standard type gussets to help with the rear wheel flexing so associated with pft's. after countless years of on/off use, various swaps among buddies etc, I decided to re-paint it and let it rest. I added some classic components from other dominican riders to create a war vet. parts are" gt 1987 pft frame, re-worked, gt performer fork (originally belonging to my bud, david ortiz), gt mallet stem (originally belonging to edison fernandez, who was also a great rider), tioga one piece task force cranks, gt pedals, gt wings cd, 43t, gt epoch headset, gyro, c-star lever from my old 87 performer, my very first pair of peregrine super pro rims, purchased in 1989, taken off my team master, these have taken at least 20 years of non-stop riding , first by me, then by current local flat star carlos old suntour coaster hub belonging to freddy gonzalez, plus other assorted parts. all in all probably one of my top 3 most personal rides. AND it will still hold up to me. the motive why it has no serial number is because the drops were cut off.



#2 2012-12-14 11:22pm

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Re: 1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

Hey JP! I do remember that bike from the 90's!

You had it hooked up and kinda candy red apple awesome paint job  by Sisi back then.

Awesome rider here!

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#3 2013-04-25 12:43pm

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Re: 1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

Very nice! big_smile



#4 2013-05-31 12:40pm

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Re: 1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

Man. Cool story and build. I love the modifications. It looks great! I think you actually increased its value greatly by doing those mods. It looks indestructible.

Clearing out the stable.



#5 2019-10-11 4:58am

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Re: 1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

Cool story and sharp bike, what a history of your bikes. You gussetted the heck out of this thing, even reinforced the lower mast of the seat That thing is solid looking and I bet rigid with almost no flex. Very cool

Wife loves it when another package shows up in the mail..big_smile....NOT...big_smile

Question is, is the spoon really there?



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