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1995 Robinson MX

#1 2012-09-03 11:37pm

From: So Cal
Signed up: 2012-09-03
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1995 Robinson MX

1995 Robinson MX

4130 Robinson MX

I bought this bike from my cousin Matt back in the day, used to ride it everywhere. Raced, dirt jumped, street gap jumped, you name it with this bike for many years. Then it sat in the garage for years, so I figured I would bring it back to life. Great bike very light, this bike is my baby. Many great times on this bike we went everywhere. Still rides badass. 21" top tube. If I can get ahold of another one I will. Anyone thinking about getting one I highly recommend Robinson. I’m 5’11” so I like the 21” frames but even the 20” rebels and sst are good too.

Enjoy the ride.



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