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#1 2012-08-15 12:20am

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2011 Flybikes Proton

2011 Flybikes Proton

Picked this up from CIRCUIT BMX as a complete build in house.

This bike feels good and rides smooth! Brings me back to the 80's



#2 2012-08-15 11:39am

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Re: 2011 Flybikes Proton

Sick ! Love The All Black ! Instant Flavor ! big_smile

Ken=The Number 1 Poser !
Desert Storm Vet. US Navy FC2  ( 1986-1991 )

Left Old Junk ( I Mean Old School)  For New School! Love "THE DARK SIDE"!
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#3 2012-11-20 6:12am

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Re: 2011 Flybikes Proton

Sweet bike love the retro look its got to it cool

I Love bmxmuseum!



#4 2013-01-20 8:44am

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Re: 2011 Flybikes Proton

Man im an oldskooler at heart..but you have some sweet rides in ur denyin...Cheers Kev in OZ.



#5 2019-07-17 12:24pm

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Re: 2011 Flybikes Proton

Circuit! Guessing your from RI or MA that's one of the best shops in the area. cool

GT USA made midschool race fan! 4130 beantown / 508 chromie.

Riding resets my stress level, its lead to allot of new friendships and I'm grateful for that. Esp the local crew!

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