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Rules On Reproduction

#1 2012-08-02 8:50pm

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Rules On Reproduction

Attention all members,
   The site owner, GAry, has received another cease and desist letter from Pacific Cycle in regards to reproduction decals being sold here.

In case any of you were unaware, here are the current site rules in regards to selling reproductions:


Reproductions / Knockoffs / Copyright Infringements / Likenesses:

No item can be sold/traded for on the BMXMuseum that was produced without license or permission from the current copyright holder.
This includes, but is not limited to: stickers, decals, pad sets, shirts, hats, clocks, license plates etc"

We are going to continue strictly enforcing these rules without exception and the penalties for breaking them will be serious.
There will be warnings if you are found selling unlicensed repops,

We must do this to protect this site and there will be no compromises.

Hope you all understand and Thank you for your time.

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#2 2012-12-12 1:27pm

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Re: Rules On Reproduction

BMX-Addicts wrote:

Let me add something here, before this turns into something that is not...

I'm ok with any other member that has the ability to work with a drawing software to produce decals for his own personal use (Even though is kind of pushing it), and I apologize if I have to be the one that has to come through like a moron asking to have his stuff taken down, but I did not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars reviving a brand or applying for trademarks and copy rights to see some random person (Even if is a friendly) popping them out to make a couple quick bucks...

In the future, when any of you feel the urge of making stuff that has an owner, more so when is already available to purchase form him, think that the problem you may be getting into with him is not only yours, you are also compromising the BMX Museum as an acting owner of the site content (Even though they are not responsible por the member's opinions, they are liable for any and all detrimental actions caused by them).

We spent a lot of money to have every single CW Racing / Revcore decal ever made, I honestly don't think any of you need to play this game...  I'm sure every other manufacturer being abducted here will agree.

Again, I'm sorry neutral



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