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2008 FMF Carbon Micro Mini

2008 FMF Carbon Micro Mini

This a 2008 FMF 5 Bar Carbon Fiber frame, FMF only built 10 of these. Most of these frames went to team members and sold new for over $1000.

They made many Two Bar Carbon frames (Yellow frame) but only 10 of these with top tube, Down Tube, Seat Post tube and Rear Down Tubes in Carbon fiber. This one is #9 on the id code.
* FMF 5 Bar Carbon frame
* Anwser Alumi Lite Wheels
* Bombshell Seat
* MCS Lite Clamp
* JP Polished  Billet Pedals with Red Cages
* AC Racing 130mm Cranks
* Ti Milled Gold Mini Chain
* Crupi chain stays
* Redline Carbon Forks
* Redline Alum Ti stem
* Sinz Carbon Ti BB
* Sinz Chain Ring
* Redline Mini 2.5 Bars
* A'ME Grips
* Sinz Mini Brakes
* Radius Lever
* FSA Integrated Headset
* Intense Micro Nob 1" Tires
Great little race bike that both my daughter and son rode for a short time when they were both 4 and 5 yrs old. It is still in New condition. No scrapes scratches or dings. It is now set aside for them so they have it when they get older.

Having fun sharing the world of BMX with my kids..



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