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#1 2012-07-22 11:51pm

From: Central/Western Illinois
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1983 Schwinn Predator

1983 Schwinn Predator

Twin to my red G0283 (feb 83) predator CrMo Mag model,mostly original.THE RED AND BLACK ONE ARE BOTH G0283 PRODUCTION.

Found this one by a fence at a house for sale,owner gave it to me.In mostly as found OG condition except for pedals,pad,levers.Dyed the mags to get them a little darker black.Original decals.

I bmx'd in the 80's,therefore I am.......



#2 2012-07-23 9:36am

From: PERTH Western Australia
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Re: 1983 Schwinn Predator

Dont ya just love the Lost and Found Orphans of this world...give it a good home man..Predator for free.,.now thats gotta be great ..rgds Kev.



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