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#1 2012-06-23 2:02am

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1997 Gambler Beretta

1997 Gambler Beretta

1997 gambler beretta. made by cardboard lords after the 2 owners split

Get better pics!

here is a rare gambler frame. very few were made. doug nelson of cardboard lords started this in 96 after him and charles long called it quits on cardboard lord bikes. i have seen 4 gambler frames and everyone is diff. there is one under cardboard lords. which is marys. mary is the daughter of doug nelson. so that one should be moved over to gambler when the name gets put on here.  it also has the og gambler forks and a cardboard lords stem.

if you listen to a mod you might get a neutral
looking for
salsa,  jjr,   awesome alloy,  b-ware buzz,  rude concepts,    mountain goat,  mega,  d. wholf,  f&l racing, rola
secret cycles rated r or nc-17,  banke,  ace holeshot,  univega super g,  cardboard lords,  titus frame,  brew bluetick or redbone,
supercross sx-250 carbon fiber, durango rupe,  r.a.d. hornet or phoenix, webco pro xl,  arsonist, renegade racer,



#2 2012-07-11 3:18pm

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Re: 1997 Gambler Beretta

Very unique frame, can't wait to see it built up with some 1wheel style!

ALWAYS WANTED!!! Brand X Pro Sized Handlebars, Brand X 24" First Gen Fork, First Gen Haro Monocoque Frame



#3 2012-08-03 9:25pm

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Re: 1997 Gambler Beretta

Ahhh Mid -school, an era of mad scientists. big_smile

Looking for:  VG cantilever brakes. Boss 175, or 177 cranks, And a Boss seat clamp.



#4 2012-10-22 3:55pm

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Re: 1997 Gambler Beretta

WTF! That is different.I want 1 big_smile

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Wanted=Tech-7 clamp half (puzzle piece) for the back of the perch.

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#5 2019-06-26 6:23pm

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Re: 1997 Gambler Beretta

HOLY SHIT... Amazing



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