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#1 2012-05-23 12:05am

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1985 Rickman Racing Freestyler

1985 Rickman Racing Freestyler

Rare but highly rated British Freestyler.

This is almost the same as the bike I had as a kid. I ended up trading it in against a road bike. Most of the parts on this were taken off a 1984 SE Racing Quadangle I bought and built about 1992 with some newer parts added. The F&F were bought off 'The Bay' and after a few hours work stripping the Quadangle and building the Rickman, this is what I made. I would like to upgrade some of the parts with NOS parts but my Wife has hinted that a divorce lawyer may cost less! Perhaps but as long as I get to keep the bike.
Rickman Freestyler Frame and Forks
Skyway Tuff II with obligatory coaster brake
Redline Flite crankset (single pinch)
Haro Kneesaver 2 bars
Dia Compe Bulldog brakes
Renthal seat post
MKS Grafight Pedals
Dyno seat, seat clamp, chain-ring and stem
This bike is not a Carpet Queen, it will be ridden (I've fallen off it twice already!!).

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Re: 1985 Rickman Racing Freestyler

Very neat bike.
I have a set of forks like those in chrome, I would like to trade for something good..
Can we get better shots? first pic blurry..Cheers

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