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#1 2012-05-17 12:02am

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1997 Powerlite Spitfire

1997 Powerlite Spitfire

This is the bike that caused my ex-girlfriend to say the phrase that is now in my signature at the bottom of my posts, lol.

Just got this back after 15 years.
This is the very first bike that I ever bought BRAND NEW from a bike shop. Got it at Wright Brothers Cyclery in Florence, Ky.
I bought this pretty much solely on it's color alone! A friend and me were lookinig for new handlebars for his bike when I saw the green (my favorite color) from across the room. Then and there I put it in lay-a-way, lol. I did really like Powerlites at the time, though. I went back the next week after I got paid and took it home.
The only things I changed were the cranks, from 1pc to 180MM GT stamped Profiles with GT spider and ring and the bars to Dancing Man Slams (still has some of the decal intact). I'm not really sure where the Powerbend bars ended up.
My brother had it hanging in his garage forever.. he traded me a really nice Pioneer home theatre system for it sometime in late '98. lol
The way it is pictured is how I got it back. The seat/seatpost, grips, tires and pedals are different than when I gave it to him. Oh well. After some looking around I still have the original Powerlite sprocket that came on it.
It seems a bit short to me now so I doubt it will get much ride time, but who knows.
I may try to put it back to showroom status but it will be in survivor mode, because I'm not touching that paint!

Ex-girlfriend: "I wish your eyes lit up when you look at me, like they do when you look at that bike."




#2 2012-07-31 2:41pm

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Re: 1997 Powerlite Spitfire

i had one just like it in idaho
found it and another behind a shloztkeys deli dumpster
TOTALLY TORN UP GUTS!! but outer stuff was fine
so light i could one finger it!!!



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