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#1 2012-05-04 12:25am

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1985 Haro Master

1985 Haro Master

my restored 85 haro master

i picked this up last year as a restoration project. im the second owner. it was left to rot in someones garage for 24 years. until i got hold of it. 
April 1985 Haro master frame and forks. Powdered by superbikedan. decals by ajk bikes
Action zone handlebars. Powdered by superbikedan. Decals by del.
White ame rounds with bubble font.
Chrome plated dia-compe tech 3 levers
Chrome dia-compe mx 1000 and 900 brakes
Skyway white brake pads
Gen 1 odyssey white gyro and nos white cables.
White dia compe front cable dated 1985 fitted through the Potts mod.
1986 chrome Haro fork standers. I do also have the 85 ones but preferred these.
Restored white alloy hubbed tuffs front and rear (non coaster type)
Gt round font layback seatpost. Powdered by superbikedan. Decals by del
Nos white dominator seat.
Chrome nos dc hinged seat clamp with stainless bolt and nut.
White nos panaracer freestyle tyres.
Chrome kmc cool chain.
Chrome dmr chain tensioners.
Chrome gt power disc. With a chrome 44 tooth sr chainring and sugino chainring bolts.
Redline single bolt full wrap cranks with a new redline bottom bracket that has been stripped and polished.
Chrome fusion pedals. These will soon be replaced with a chrome shimano dx pair when they arrive.
16 tooth suntour freewheel.
Polished gt sr stem with a new potts bolt.
Chrome Tange seike 320 headset.
Polished skyway pegs.
i hope you like it.
please feel free to leave comments and have a look at my other builds. smile



#2 2012-05-04 12:54am

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Re: 1985 Haro Master


I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness............-Emo Philips



#3 2012-05-04 1:05am

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Re: 1985 Haro Master

Very nice ,,,,,I love those 80,s Haro,s..................smilebig_smilecool

This Post is .........."CHUCK NORRIS APPROVED"      [img][/img]   "The Quintessential 80,s Action man"



#4 2012-09-18 10:29pm

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Re: 1985 Haro Master

Those are my grail bars... Brilliant turnaround on that Master! SBD really can work magic on bikes, I'm about to send my'86  Master to him for resto, and that green just made me rethink my whole build... ARRGGGHHHH

But seriously... those bars!! big_smile

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#5 2013-04-09 11:11am

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Re: 1985 Haro Master

Realy cool build, nice parts Stu cool



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