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#1 2012-04-30 1:15am

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1981 Open Road

1981 Open Road

My $5 flea market find

Picked this up at a flea market for $5... Found out that it was made by Huffy for Montgomery Ward and branded as Open Road... Bike is all OG. I plan on giving it a qucik clean up and make a new set of decals for it... Will look nice with my other Huffy's...


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#2 2012-05-09 9:23pm

From: Saint Petersburg, FL
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Re: 1981 Open Road

Wow bro blast from the past!This was my first bmx bike!Mine was black with the same red Lester mags.My mom worked at Montgomery wards and I got it for Christmas.Thanks for the memory!LOL



#3 2013-08-30 7:19pm

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Re: 1981 Open Road

this exact bike was my first BMX bike.  montgomery ward was good to me that christmas also. it had coaster brakes, but hey i learned my first freestlye tricks on it including coaster brake tricks.  cool.



#4 2015-11-06 9:10pm

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Re: 1981 Open Road

My first bike. At least as far as I remember. I was racking my brain trying to remember. I'll bet they bought it at Montgomery Ward... Then I checked Sears... Suddenly remembered Open Road?? Maybe... Holy ship there it is! MAGS RULE. My grand parents bought everything at Wards!

Thanks for posting !! smile

And my first post. Now on to second bike...



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