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2011 S&M Intrikat

#1 2012-04-14 1:20am

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2011 S&M Intrikat

2011 S&M Intrikat

My one trick pony, the Flatland bike. I tried to ride it as a street machine, and did not like it at all. Love it for flat though.

Upgraded from the Sabbath I purchased on the cheap to see if I would like flatland. I love it but needed to lighten the load. Early Intikat with "S-Bend" chain stays. New ones are all wishbone.

S&M Parts -  Frame - Intrikat 19.5 TT, S-Bend chain stays Bars - Intrikat 8.5"  Stem - Redneck FLT Grips - Red W/ Flanges cut off
Drive train -  Federal / KHE LHD freecoaster - got a deal from LBS - Rims and front hub are nothing special. Premium 3 piece crank, 48 spline spindle, LHD or RHD compatible. 25-9 ratio with standard chain + 1 half link. Slams the rear wheel to the drop, with no play.
Brakes - Dia Compe Hombre nad are nothing special. I couldn't get them to work very well until I tried clear pads. They work great now. Seat - The one of the very few parts that made the transfer from the Sabbath. The Hemerroid is a good flatland seat.
My most recent and one of my best purchases for this bike..... Tree Big Balsa pegs - unbelievably light, and at 1.75" diameter, it almost feels like a platform compared to what I had.

I like new school, it's all I ride.
I love to look at all BMX bikes, I just love the sport.



#2 2012-04-14 11:18pm

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Re: 2011 S&M Intrikat


I'm not BAD but i can be EVIL! LETS RIDE FLATLAND!!

More Faster, More Crazier, More Evil!!!
Evilk82 Returns!



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