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2012 SE Racing Hoodrich

#1 2012-04-02 2:02am

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2012 SE Racing Hoodrich

2012 SE Racing Hoodrich

my brother (no body) and i have them

Well i got this bike on X-mas of 2011. Its was love at first site i remember running around screaming my head off, cause i wanted a street bike for ever. i started liking street when i saw a bunch of guys doing it downtown in St. Augustine and i was like wow. I was on a mongoose x-pert pro before i got my SE Hoodrich with zinz cranks and a GT 44t sproket and some AME grips, a Walmart mongoose seat, and stalk mongoose rims (definition of janky turd) and i've been buging my parents about a street bike and they gave in. Now im living good with my Hoodrich. :D

I'm 14 years old and I'm from Reno, Nevada. I love BMX, my favorite brand's are Fitbikeco. and Cult :) I started doing street about 5 months ago, and loved it ever since.



#2 2012-04-04 10:14am

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Re: 2012 SE Racing Hoodrich


I AM 18 YEARS OLD!!! :D follow me on instagram @remington_schaefer

Ride in peace Autum Pasquale



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